Noelle Lemos

Noelle Lemos


1. Who/What got you interested in your sport and when did you start playing? My mom put me in soccer after she could tell that ballet was too slow for me. I was about 7 when I first started playing soccer and I had so much fun I never wanted to stop playing.

2. If you weren't playing your sport, what other sport would you want to play at the college level?
 I have never really thought about playing another sport in college but if I think basketball would be fun. It was always my second sport and being tall was a plus.

3. What makes your head coach the type of coach you love to play for? I have had many coaches and Coach Mullins is by far one of my favorites. The way she connects with the players and her passion for the game makes it easy to play for her.

4. What are you majoring in and what's your favorite class?  I am majoring in Kinesiology and my favorite class is Sport Psychology, taught by Coach Mullins.

5. What is your perfect pre-game meal? A good turkey deli sandwich and fruit.

6. What do you enjoy doing when you're not in school or playing your sport? I am a soccer coach and I love coaching young kids about the sport and watching their passion for playing soccer grow.

7. Favorite Movies? My favorite Disney movie is The Lion King and my favorite Romantic Comedy is 10 things I hate about you.

8. What are your first three songs on your pre-match playlist?  I'm not big into music where I have a playlist. I like listening to the radio.

9. What is the plan once you graduate?  I plan on becoming a Physical Education teacher and soccer coach. I want to help kids find a healthy lifestyle and a sport that they can be passionate about.

10. What is your leadership style? I like to lead by example. Work hard and with passion and others will follow.