Gabriel Watson

Gabriel Watson


1. Who/What got you interested in your sport and when did you start playing? What got me interested in my sport was my Dad. I would always watch the 49er games with him when I was kid and he would tell me stories of him playing with his friends when he was younger and it just really made me want to start playing. Unfortunately, my mom was not thrilled by the idea of me playing tackle football, and I had to settle for soccer until high school when I finally convinced her to let me play.  

2. If you weren't playing your sport, what other sport would you want to play at the college level?If I was not playing football, I would definitely try to pursue soccer at the collegiate level. 

3. What makes your head coach the type of coach you love to play for? What makes Coach Darr the kind of coach that I love playing for is that he makes it very clear how much he cares for every athlete on the team. He knows what it takes to get us where we want to go in terms of football and he is willing to do everything in his power to make that happen. He even sets aside Academic check-ins for guys on the team to make sure that they are keeping up academically so they are able to play. He not only cares about the athlete, but he cares about the student and the person as well. Having a coach who cares makes playing for them so much easier because you see how hard they're working for you so you want to do your best to show that you appreciate their efforts.

4. What are you majoring in and what's your favorite class? Currently, I am majoring in Biology and my favorite class this semester is Chemistry 121 with Professor Gerken. He brings an energy to class unlike any other professor I have ever had and shows a love for the subject that makes learning so much easier and more enjoyable. 

5. What is your perfect pre-game meal? My perfect pre-game meal is a turkey and cheese sandwich and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It is the same meal that I've had every day for lunch since I was in high school where it quickly become my go to pre-game meal.

6. What do you enjoy doing when you're not in school or playing your sport? Playing a sport and being a full-time student does not leave much time for leisure so when I do find time I try my best to just relax and catch up with my friends and brother. Usually, we just watch T.V. and joke around but it’s nice to have a moment to step back and catch your breath.

7. Favorite Movies? My favorite movies include The Express, The Princess Bride, and Friday

8. What are your first three songs on your pre-match playlist? The first three songs on my pre-game playlist are Numb by Witt Lowry, Trophies by Drake, and You Got Me by G-Eazy.

9. What is the plan once you graduate? My plan once I graduate is to continue to play football at the collegiate level. I have no offers from any schools right now but I am hoping as the season progresses that I will get the attention of some coaches and find a school that will provide me with both the academics and level of competition in football that I am looking for. I am thinking about switching to a Kinesiology major once I get to a 4-year university, and if football does not become my career, I am planning on getting involved in the world of physical fitness.  

10. What is your leadership style? My leadership style is the quiet and the lead by example type. I believe actions speak louder than words so I try to let the way I play do the talking for me. I am not known to be a very vocal person and people say I show little emotion on game days. They usually think I am angry or upset about something but that is just how I choose to focus.